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Patron Quotes

“The great thing about Andy and her work is that her love, joy, and enthusiasm for our breed and our sport literally explode off the canvas. It’s this passion for her subject that makes her work so outstandingly unique.”

Carson Kressley

Merrill and I want to thank you for the wonderful painting of "Courageous Lord." You captured the both of them so perfectly and we are thrilled to have it hanging in its "permanent" spot of honor, right over our fireplace. "Joe" will forever hold a special place in Merrill's heart and we want to thank you again for a picture that is so befiting to them both.

You are the "best," and thank you again,

Bonnie and Merrill Murray
March 2012

My husband LOVED the painting you did of Krysten and Carter. He was so surprised and thrilled with it -- he immediately pulled out his phone and started taking pictures of it...

Thank you again for both your talent and time. You are now a part of our family, as this piece will certainly be around for generations to come.

Saying "thank you" isn't enough, but you know our gratitude is heartfelt and true.

Jody Malcolm
June 2011

We finally have the painting in hand, and we couldn't be happier with

the finished product. It is truly a 'prized possession' for our entire family! Even three-year-old Brody describes it as BBB-ea-UUU-TTTi-ful. We took it for my parents to see last night, and they were very happy with it, too. It is an honor to have one of your paintings in our home.

Lori Combs
February 2011

"You painted an absolutely beautiful portrait of Patty, Trooper and the kids from Scottish Rite. I just love it. I have known Patty for 38 years! Hard to believe. I'm so glad I have the painting. It's already hanging in the house.

Stephanie Ritter
April 201

"I love your new notecards, I have already sent two packages of them to congratulate ASHA award winners."

Vicki Gillenwater
March 2010

"Cagle loved her portrait and it was really funny that she had no idea what was in the package. She was thrilled to have it. I have put it up in the breakfast room [where]... we can see it from the kitchen and sunroom and are happy that we can see it all of the time. We are really enjoying it."

Sue James
January 2010

"I picked the pictures up today. They are amazing. They are at the framers already and I cannot wait to see their owner's faces when they see them. You are such a talent."

From Joan Lurie
Dec 2009

"It was a hit, very touching. We can't thank you enough."

re Joan Lurie's Otis & Hazelnut
December 2009

"YOU are A Life Saver!"

From a Morgan trainer
December 2009

"My jaw dropped when I first saw the picture and was amazed how identical it looked... It was perfect and it was the best present I have EVER received!! My favorite part was how the bridle was exactly the same, with the thick nose band and that you painted his dye mark on his nose where he has a scar - that really made me laugh!"

11 year old, Michelle
December 2009

“The painting arrived safely and Don and I hung it that afternoon... I love the painting.”

Judy Whitney Harris
March 2007

“Andy, I have just gotten my painting of My My back from the frame shop and have hung it in my office – it looks great!”

Jim Bayman
August 2005

“Dear Andy, thank you so much for that beautiful picture of Skywatch! My room is finally complete with him!”

Paige Schanke
April 2006

“Thank you so much for “Doggles”… he is such a happy fun painting… it makes me smile.”

Cindy Engles
January 2006

“It came… it’s here… it’s gorgeous!!! I love it!”

Mary Lou Manis
December 2006

“You are such a talented lady. Your paintings and cards make me feel happy and uplifted. Bless you for sharing your beautiful art..”

Pam Linquist
November 2006

“It came today!!!!! I love love love it. It turned out better than I expected! I was amazed how much it looked like Matt.”

Kristen Shiflet
December 2006

The lovely print of the mare… An Heir About Her... has arrived and is prominently placed to delight all of our holiday company.

Sarah Rowland
December 2005

“I just wanted to let you know that your painting of “Cokie” brought tears to my sister’s eyes on Christmas!

Amy Dix Rock
December 2007

“Thank you so much for the Boucheron picture... We thought you might enjoy having this picture of Bouch. I t is one of our favorites.”

Sarah and Rob Byers

(I do love the picture! Thank you Sarah and Rob for the lovely note card with your art too!)